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Wild & Free 
Home School Enrichment

Ages 6-11

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Connect, Learn & Grow

The Wild and Free Homeschool Enrichment is a tuition free program for children (ages 6-11) who are currently homeschooled, where nature is the classroom, play and exploration are the methods, and learning is the outcome.

The Wild and Free homeschool Enrichment program merges the fields of child development & ecology to facilitate an immersive experience for our students. Our goal is to cultivate spaces that invite children & community to develop their own reciprocity with nature. We aim to develop a sense of stewardship of the land & to nurture children's inherent curiosity, awe & wonder of the natural world.


Experienced Educators

Boukman Byrd is the director of the Wild and Free Homeschool Enrichment program. He spent most of his leisure time as a child outdoors and developed a deep understanding and reverence for nature. He remembers the impact being outdoors had on him and wants to create that experience for children in his community.

He is currently a teacher working with children ages 3-12, at both the Nature School Cooperative and Wild and Free Homeschool Enrichment. He has worked with children of all ages over the past 20 years, with experience with the Division of Wildlife, High Peak Camp, youth sports, mentoring and after school programs with DPS and the YMCA.


Ready to connect & explore with us?

Thursday 8:30 -3pm

1 Day a week Home School Enrichment

When registering, you’re enrolling for the full school year, which encompasses two 16-week semesters which spans an average school year through 3 seasons fall, winter and spring.


Each semester includes 16 enrichment days with a few off-site field trips sprinkled in to explore, learn and grow.

Fall Semester

Fall 2024 Session: September 9, 2025 - Jan 14 2025

(One week off for Fall Break, 2 weeks off for Winter Break)

Spring Semester

Fall 2024 Session: January 28 - May 20 2025

(One week off for Spring Break)

We follow the Denver Public School District Fall and Spring Breaks. 

As well as all other holidays or DPS  non-contact days.

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Tuition Free

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Education reEnvisioned Board of Cooperative Education Services (ERBOCES). ERBOCES is a state funded program that offers enrichment to homeschoolers and nonpublic school educated students. In order to participate in this program your child cannot be enrolled in any other state funded enrichment program.

 *Please note that a $100 registration fee is still required. 

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