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Nature School Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions for mixed age 3-6 y.o.

June (June 17th-28th)
Early July (July 8th-19th)
Late July (July 22nd- Aug 2nd)
August (Aug 5th- Aug 16th)

All 8 weeks! June 16th - June 28th, & July 5th- August 17th


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Our Summer Season of Learning involves acclimating to change, increasing our capacity for care, and finding ways to give back. We develop gratitude for perceptual reciprocity and interspecies communication.

Each week our camps will focus on a different Regenerative Ecology Skill and Awareness.  Learn a skill of wilderness survival while also playfully acting like a dinosaur hunter, mystery solver, or time-traveler! Make DIY crafts in sewing, ceramics, or weaving.  Delve into role-playing, game design, or theater magic. Our early childhood Guides offer friendly care and attention while helping kids build confidence and connection.

Children will move their bodies, wander and explore, take on responsibilities, practice fine motor skills, do hands-on projects, tell their own stories, make up songs, and play to their heart's content. All of our programs are a positive way for children to re-connect with nature and their relationship to it. We acknowledge children spend quite a bit of time inside, on screens, or focused on academic skills, and we offer a way for children to learn holistically - that is, with their whole selves. By collaboratively designing their days, children also learn vital relational and problem-solving skills, gain positive mental health strategies & mindfulness techniques, and create ways to find purpose and community in their own backyards.

We operate under compliance with Colorado state law Colo. Rev. Stat. § 26.5-5-304 and CDEC’s legal exemptions.  Our curriculum is designed to focus on specific weekly skills related to a monthly theme that follows the seasons and rhythms of the Earth. Seasonal offerings build upon one another, allowing the school community to grow and strengthen.


This is an all-outdoors program with seasonal learning and activities that will include activities to quiet the mind, to learn how to tap into our inner knowing. Following a natural and relaxed pace of our day together are vital. Children will spend time in a mixed-age group, and a portion of the day in smaller groups according to age. 

Youth need to be dressed for the weather (on rainy days in full rain gear, on hotter days in sun protection, water-safe shoes, etc) for a full day of reconnecting to your wild side! Bring a lunch, snack and water bottle in a day pack.  We can help find gear through a gear library if needed.

Summer session schedule are 4.5 days a week, Monday - Thursday 8:00 - 3:00, Fridays 8:00 - 12:00

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Pay-What-You-Can Culture

We don’t want financial hurdles to to be the final deciding factor. We honor the unfair history of our economic system. Contact us if you want to have a conversation about what works for your family and how we can collaborate.

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